One eyed bear returns to wild after a year in care

A bear left with one eye after being hit by a car is released into the wild

A one eyed bear named Odin was released back into the wilderness two weeks ago, but work continues for the Northern Lights Wildlife society.

Wildlife shelter staff are expected to travel thousands of kilometres this month to return young bears like Odin to their natural habitats.

The Northern Lights Wildlife Society rescued Odin as a cub after he was hit by a car near Prince George last year. The extent of his injuries resulted in the loss of an eye.

However, the wildlife shelter based in Smithers says even with one eye Odin should be able to survive in the wild. The vet was confident in Odin’s ability especially because bears depend more on smelling and hearing to thrive in the wild. 

It’s not just Odin being released by the society. 

Staff plan to travel to the Peace Region in the next couple of weeks. One young bear will return to near where they were found in Pink Mountain while a different cub will go back to the Moberly Lake area. 

Overall, this summer the wildlife shelter is planning to release 71 black bears and 5 grizzlies across different regions in the province. Amid record gas prices, staff will travel over 33,000 kilometres in five weeks.

All while they rescue cubs in need this year.

If you find an animal you can call the Northern Lights Wildlife Society at 1-250-877-1181 or visit their website for more information.