BOUNCE Mornings with Maarten vanKooy

BOUNCE Fort St John - Maarten vanKooy


  • Peace Gallery North - Figuratively Speaking

    I had the pleasure of chatting with local artists about "Figuratively Speaking" a new exhibit at Peace Gallery North! the Gallery opens in The North Peace Cultural Centre on December 1st. If you want to check out their art you can join the award-winning figurative artists, Donna Bozarth, Mike Kroecher and Mary Parslow, as they capture the essence of the human form through their portraiture and figurative works.

  • Black Friday... Pray For Your Plumbers

    We all know that Black Friday is a big shopping day where retail workers risk it all, but did you know plumbers call it something else! Brown Friday! Pray for them!

  • Lorna Penner - Peace Gallery North Interview

    I had the pleasure of chatting with Artist Lorna Penner about an upcoming gallery! 
    Check out Peace Gallery North on Friday, November 3rd, as we unveil an exciting new exhibition at Peace Gallery North. Presented by Lorna Penner.
    "Our roots to keep us grounded and wings to set us free. A conceptualization of life’s journey through eclectic pieces to wear, feel, display and taste." - Lorna Penner

  • Amish Computers - Something I learned On The Internet

    The Amish may be known for their technology free lives but you might be surprised to hear that they have been modernizing a little bit. You might be even more surprised to learn that they have specially made computers! 

  • Another Outhouse Outing

    People just keep on falling into Outhouses and it has to stop! I don't care what you drop in there, it's just not worth it! 

  • Competitive Sleeping

    Did you know that there are competitive sleepers? Finally a competition I can get behind! Anyone want to start a league with me? 

  • Talk Like A Pirate Day Ft. Jayson Rempel

    September 19th is "Talk Like A Pirate Day" and to help spread the word I brought in our resident pirate expert Jayson Rempel. Only he had no idea what we were going to be talking about... or how we would be talking! It was an ambush! Truly some pirate radio! 

  • Comedian Sunee Dhaliwal & The 10th Annual Peace Country Comedy Fest

    I had the pleasure of chatting with Comedian Sunee Dhaliwal who is going to be taking the stage at The Lido for the 10th Annual Peace Country Comedy Festival. I'm always excited to chat with a Comedian and not only is Sunee great to chat with he is a rising star in the world of comedy! Get your tickets at! 

  • Crime! It's in the news!

    A news crew in Chicago was robbed while doing a segment on crime! Fortunately nobody was hurt, but unfortunately there is no video... So I did my best to imagine how that scenario might have played out for me!