WATCH: Chris Martin Sings For Couple In Pub


Chris Martin serenaded a soon-to-be-married couple on Sunday inside a pub near Bath, England.

Hannah Organ and Jeremy Larkham were at the Stag Inn meeting with the owners about catering plans for their Aug. 28 wedding when Martin arrived with his girlfriend, actress Dakota Johnson, and others.

Martin's group enjoyed pints of Guinness outside the pub, according to owner Chris Parkin. “I asked the customers just to leave them in peace outside to enjoy their drinks and everyone respected that,” he told Somerset Live.

But when Martin stepped inside, Organ and Larkham told him they planned to use Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars” as their wedding song. He offered to play it on the pub's upright piano, which belongs to Parkin's 13-year-old son Alfie.

“I’ll just do a bit of it, okay?,” said Martin, who stopped ahead of the highest notes because, he said, he was a “little hoarse” from a weekend of partying at the Glastonbury Festival.

Martin also shared some sage advice with the betrothed couple – he told Larkham to “listen to everything” Organ says.

Parkin shared a clip of Martin’s special performance on social media and captioned it: “You never know who might pop in for a pint! … what a lovely man he is.”

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