Health Canada watching 'potential' impact of sunflower oil shortage on baby formula


Health Canada says it is preparing for the possibility that a shortage of sunflower oil could further strain baby formula supplies in Canada.
The federal agency says it's ``working closely with manufacturers'' that rely on sunflower oil as a key ingredient to produce formula that still meets Canadian standards.
That includes efforts to speed up evaluation of any ingredient substitutions, noting that a switch ``is considered a major change and it must undergo pre-market assessment.''
Ukraine and Russia together export half of the world's sunflower oil, but the ongoing war has seen Russian invaders accused of blocking Ukrainian ports and preventing food staples from leaving.
In the meantime, Health Canada says it will extend a temporary plan to import more baby formula from Europe and the United States to bolster domestic supplies.
The plan to bring 20 infant formulas approved for use in Europe and the United States currently expires June 30. bhe federal agency says in an emailed statement that ``the interim policy will be extended'' but did not elaborate.

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