'Personal' Pics Of BLACKPINK's Jennie Spark Legal Action


The company behind BLACKPINK said Monday it is going after people distributing personal photos of group member Jennie.

“We are announcing that we have officially commissioned the police to investigate the person who first distributed BLACKPINK's Jennie's personal photos,” read a statement from YG Entertainment.

Photos of the 26-year-old pop star with BTS member V, also 26, have appeared on social media and sparked dating rumours.

In its statement, YG said it has “refrained from commenting … in order to minimize further damage” but is compelled to take action “as rumours, criticism, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy triggered by personal photos were made indiscriminately.”

“We plan to take all legal actions without any leniency,” the statement reads. “Sharing this is a secondary offense and can be subject to legal punishment. We earnestly ask you to refrain from reckless sharing.”

Under South Korean law, people can be criminally charged with defamation even if what they said or wrote is true. (The United Nations Human Rights Committee has urged the government to abolish the law.) In Canada, like most countries, defamation is strictly a civil matter and can be defended by proving that the statements are true or fair comment.

Last week, BTS management company Big Hit Music said in a statement “a specific poster has been spreading the same ill-intentioned rumour in multiple platforms” and that it filed a criminal complaint against them.

“After an extended police investigation, we were able to identify the suspect and the case has been sent to the prosecutor's office,” it read.

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