City Of Owen Sound Is Seeking Input Into What The Ideal Transit System Will Look Like

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The City of Owen Sound is undertaking a Transit Optimization Review to assess the existing transit service delivery model and identify areas of improvement to optimize the City's transit system.

This Transit Optimization Review will analyze and evaluate the overall functionality of the City's existing fixed-route system. This includes current route coverage, ridership, on-time performance, and other elements to support the core service delivery of transit.

The City will be seeking input into what the ideal transit system will look like for the City of Owen Sound. Ongoing project information about the transit study is available on the City of Owen Sound website.


How to Participate

This study will involve a two-part engagement process, which includes two rounds of virtual Stakeholder and Public Engagement sessions and two opportunities to complete an online questionnaire.

The City would like to hear from transportation professionals and knowledge holders, current transit users, potential transit users as well as residents of Owen Sound and surrounding area to be involved in this review and decision-making process.

Proposed dates are as follows, with further information on how register coming soon:

Virtual Stakeholder and Virtual Public Meetings

"              Meeting #1 - Week of June 21-24, 2021

"              Meeting #2 - Week of Aug 3-6, 2021

Online Questionnaires

"              Questionnaire #1 - Jun 21 to Jul 5, 2021

"              Questionnaire #2 - Aug 3 to 17, 2021

If you wish to provide comments or feedback, please email with your full name, email, and address, including your postal code.