Feeding Families - Restaurant Relief wraps up


We, at Grey Bruce's Bounce Radio would like to thank all of the community donors, businesses and restaurants to took part in our Feeding Families - Restaurant Relief initiative which has now wrapped up.

The idea was to help our community while at the same time assist struggling restaurants who lost business during the pandemic and its resulting lockdowns.

We're proud to say we had 75 donors who gave a total of $52,000 to more than 40 local restaurants who made close to 3,500 meals that were delivered to Owen Sound Hunger and Relief Effort which were then distributed to a number of local agencies around the region including food banks, shelters and other programs. 

Dozens of the meals were also a vital component in assisting with  Covid outbreaks at a Hanover rooming house and on Saugeen First Nation when large groups of people were asked to quarantine for at least two weeks.  

The need, sadly, is still there and OSHARE is going to continue this effort on their own.

Stay tuned for details about that.

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