Grey Bruce Health Unit Covid update Dec 4th, 2021


Situation Report #627 COVID-19

Grey Bruce Health Unit | Incident Management System                                                                                           December 4, 2021

Current Situation: A Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario, Public Health Measures, COVID-19 Vaccines for Grey Bruce, COVID-19 Vaccine for Ontario

Follow the 3 W’s – Wash hands frequently, Watch distance (ideally 6ft), and Wear face covering correctly, and the 2 A’s - Avoid Crowds and Arrange for outdoor activities instead of indoors whenever possible.


Case counts and vaccine data is taken from GBHU Epidemiological Reports as of 23:59 hrs, December 3, 2021:

All data is preliminary and subject to change. Future situation reports will be updated accordingly.

  • 12 new cases reported in past 24 hours in Grey Bruce: 3 – South Bruce Peninsula; 2 – Arran Elderslie; 1 – Blue Mountains; 1 – Chatsworth; 1 – Kincardine; 1 – Meaford; 1 – Owen Sound; 1 – Saugeen Shores; 1 - Southgate
  • 2573 confirmed cases
  • 58 active cases
  • 259 active high-risk contacts
  • 2488 resolved cases
  • 2 confirmed local active cases hospitalized in Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
  • 0 confirmed case from Grey Bruce is hospitalized outside of Grey Bruce due to COVID-19
  • 15 deaths in Grey Bruce
    • +1 death related to a Grey Bruce resident that acquired the infection and was treated outside of Grey Bruce
    • +7 deaths related to Grey Bruce residents that acquired the infection in Grey Bruce however passed away outside of Grey Bruce
    • Local and Provincial data may not align as cases with unconfirmed cause of death are not included above but are included in the Provincial data.
    • 124 cases reported in health care workers; reports health care workers living in Grey Bruce and working both in and outside Grey Bruce


Active Outbreaks:

  • 0 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Hospitals
  • 0 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Long-Term Care/Retirement Homes
  • 1 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Schools
    • 3 – Cohort(s) – Holland Chatsworth Central School
  • 0 Facility(ies) in COVID-19 outbreak. Reported in Childcare Centres


Dismissed Cohort(s) – based on 1 case (probable or confirmed) - (more than 1 confirmed case triggers outbreak – see above)

  • Happy Hearts Daycare – 1 dismissed cohort
  • Bobbi’s Daycare Before and After school program – 1 cohort


  • St. Anthony’s – 2 cohorts
  • Holland Chatsworth – 3 cohorts remains dismissed
  • Georgian Bay Community School – 1 cohort


Vaccine – for detailed information please visit Website and Dashboard

  • Data to be updated on Monday December 6, 2021
  • 252,794 Total Doses of COVID-19 vaccine administered in Grey and Bruce
  • 4,560 Doses given within the past week


Future Vaccination Planning: Vaccine Schedule

  • For week of December 6, first and second dose may walk-in at all clinics. Those 5-11 and Third dose requires an appointment at all clinics.                                

See Vaccine Clinics – details at Vaccine Schedule (Make sure to scroll to the proper page of the schedule)


Actions Taken In the Past 24 Hours:


Provincial COVID-19 Data -

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