Number of Visitors Permitted in Hospital Expands

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Starting tomorrow, July 22, GBHS will permit two visitors (Care Partners) per inpatient, per day, at all GBHS hospitals. Previously, only one Care Partner was permitted per inpatient, and it had to be the same person.  Outpatients attending most types of appointments must still come alone due to space limitations, unless a support person is essential. See the chart below for exceptions.

A Care Partner is anyone who the patient wishes to have visit them/and or accompany them to appointments. All Care Partners must wear a mask throughout their visit, and maintain physical distancing at all times.

GBHS recognizes the importance of visitors to the emotional and physical well-being of patients, and we look forward to a more open approach when it is safer to do so.

The chart below applies to all six GBHS Hospitals - Lion’s Head, Meaford, Owen Sound, Southampton and Wiarton.

Patient Category / Location

# of Care Partners Permitted Per Day



Two Care Partners per day (does not have to be the same two people every visit)


1 pm - 6:30 pm

Outpatients- Ambulatory Care

No Care Partners unless essential to support the patient


Outpatients - Oncology

One Care Partner


Emergency Department

One Care Partner. To reduce crowding, please consider coming alone to ER if able


Obstetrics/Labour & Delivery

One Care Partner


Pediatric (Under 16 years old)

Inpatients/Outpatients- two parents/guardians


End of Life

Two Care Partners per day (does not have to be the same two people every visit)


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