Port Elgin man charged in connection with abandoning puppies

cjos puppies

An arrest has been made in Saugeen Shores after someone dumped a litter of newborn puppies around town Wednesday night.  

Saugeen Shores Police received multiple calls about the pups Thursday morning that appeared to be scattered at different locations in Port Elgin.  

A 36 year old local man has been charged with 8 counts of failing to provide care to the animals.  

All of them, including the mama were taken in and are safe with a professional animal care agency.  

Animal Welfare is also conducting a further investigation.  

A GoFundMe page has been set up by a group of people who scoured the town looking for the pups.  

After locating the mama dog, she continued to birth several more for a total of 13.  

Donations are now being taken for the vet care they'll need and to fix the mama.  

As of this morning it had raised more than $4,000.  

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