Public Health Harm Reduction and REACH Partnership

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The Grey Bruce Health Unit is thrilled to announce a partnership with the REACH Centre Grey Bruce to assemble safe drug use kits. The safe drug use kits are available at 18 contracted sites across Grey Bruce through the Harm Reduction Program at Public Health.

The participants of the REACH Centre will assemble all of the safe injections kits required in Grey Bruce at their new facility. This partnership will provide valuable and rewarding work for the REACH Centre participants as part of their program for youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“The agency is committed giving back to the community that has been so supportive.” says REACH Centre Executive Director, Jennifer Miller. “We are excited about this partnership and doing our part to contribute in a meaningful way.”

Since the start of COVID-19, assistance to assemble these kits has declined. While the staff at Public Health have been able to continue this work, it has been very challenging. This initiative will support expansion of the Harm Reduction program at the Grey Bruce Health Unit.

As well as providing needle syringe services in 18 locations in Grey and Bruce, Public Health makes Naloxone available to EMS providers, police, hospitals, and many other organizations. The Health Unit also delivers education programs and performs on-the-ground outreach in all corners of Grey Bruce delivering harm reduction supplies and providing connections to mental health and addiction services.

“This partnership comes at a critical time when we were becoming more challenged to assemble these kits of safe drug use equipment for the residents of Grey Bruce that need it.” says Ian Reich, Harm Reduction Manager for the Grey Bruce Health Unit. “These kits helps prevent unwanted blood borne infections, such as Hepatitis C and HIV, which in turn, reduce the overall cost to the health care system, and also ensures the ongoing provision of Harm Reduction Services in Grey and Bruce.”

For more information about the REACH Centre Grey Bruce, please visit: Reach Centre | Enriching the lives of adults with developmental disabilities

For information on the Needle Syringe Program, please visit: GB Works - Needle Syringe Program

For information on the Naloxone Program, please visit: The Naloxone Program


For information on the Harm Reduction Program, please visit: Harm Reduction

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