Georgian Bluffs begins process of selling airport

cjos wiarton keppel airport

Another municipality in the region has decided they can't afford to be in the airport business.  

Georgian Bluffs has issued a release saying they've begun the process of declaring the Wiarton Keppel International Airport surplus to make way for its sell-off.  

They've been struggling to find ways to make the facility vialable since they took sole ownership of it in 2015 buying out South Bruce Peninsula's stake for $600,000.   

But since then, despite their best efforts, its been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.  

The projected defecit for the airport for this year was just under $390,000. 

Recent efforts to partner with Bruce and Grey Counties has also fallen flat despite a plan to develop the more than 800 acre site into what they called a 'propserpity hub'...for aviation and non aviation industry.  

In a release issued yesterday, Georgian Bluffs says the public are welcome to attend the meeting, ask questions regarding the sale or submit written comments for consideration of Council at their October 6th meeting. 

The meeting will also be livestreamed to the Township of Georgian Bluffs YouTube channel.

To participate in the meeting or submit comments, contact the Clerk, prior to October 4, 2021:
Brittany Drury, Clerk
519 376 2729 .606

Offers for purchase of the lands and facility are required to be presented to the Township’s attention by October 14, 2021.

To obtain the available information package regarding the facility, please contact the Clerk.

In the meantime, the facility will continue operations as usual.  

Meanwhile Owen Sound is currently going through a similar process after deciding back in July to declare the Billy Bishop Regional airport surplus and begin the process of selling it.  

They too ran into steep defecits with looming capital costs of more than a million dollars.  

However that decision has caused some back lash not just from pilots but also from those concerned that the facility will no longer be able to accept medical transfers of patients or donated organs when the ORNGE chopper can't land at the hospital.  

Tomorrow, September 17, is the deadline for submitting comments on that decision.  





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