Radio for Oncology Campaign

Radio for Oncology

You can help us have the best cancer care, close to home, by supporting Radio for Oncology.

The Owen Sound Regional Hospital is a centre for cancer care in Grey-Bruce. Every year doctors at the GBHS Cancer Centre book over 14,000 appointments for cancer patients. In addition, diagnostic staff and surgeons complete thousands of tests and surgeries help diagnose, treat, and monitor cancer patients. With your support we’ll raise $250,000.00 to keep the best possible cancer care available right here in Grey-Bruce.

Every year we’ll support the highest priority medical equipment and facilities to support cancer care at the Hospital. How can you make a difference? This year we are supporting the purchase of new microscopes and other lab equipment used by the hospital’s pathologists to diagnose. It’s equipment that will impact the lives of thousands of patients. The work of pathologists is critical in diagnosing cancer. These doctors examine cancer biopsies using a microscope. Their work allows oncologists and surgeons to determine best possible treatments and get them started as quickly as possible. Currently, three of the microscopes are over 10 years old. Just like your computer, this kind of specialized technology has a lifespan.

Help us equip doctors with the latest technology.

For details, and to donate, contact Kathleen Scott -