Mornings with Ted and Diana

Ted and Diana Bounce

Diana Meder - News Director/Morning show co-host

Diana has been doing radio almost longer than Ted has been alive.  This puts her in the unique position to be able to tell Ted when he is doing something wrong ... which is usually all of the time. 

While she wears her disdain for Donald Trump and Ted's crocs on her sleeve, other things you may not know about Diana is that she can play the accordion and lets her dogs Mama and Rosie sleep on her pillow.   

Diana loves the listeners and being at as many events with them as she can cram in a weekend.  

She's also grateful to this entire community for the love and support they've shown every single day since the passing of Bob in September of 2017.  

Diana can be heard Monday to Friday from 5:30 to 9. 

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