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  • Healthy Habits

    There are many health benefits if you do more of this!
  • Interview with Mayor Fred Eisenberger

    Sunni & Hayes chat with Hamilton's Mayor about the economic recovery, vaccine passports and what's going on in Hamilton this October.
  • Interview with Reed Duthie

    Sunni & Hayes chat with Reed Duthie, manager of broadcast and communications with the Hamilton Bulldogs, about the RETURN of the Bulldogs!
  • Interview with Meagan Speakman

    Head Coach of the Rock City Dancers, ​Meagan Speakman (Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club) chatted with Sunni & Hayes this morning about Sunni being a judge for their tryouts this past weekend. 
  • Fun Age

    At what age did you have the most fun? Do you agree with what a new survey said?
  • Before You Got Married

    49% of couple surveyed got one of these 'before' they got married.

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