Person renting airport hangar in Timmins charged with using air cannon to cause a disturbance

The Timmins Police Service issued a COVID-19 compliance reminder to all residents on Tuesday. (Supplied)

A 65-year-old suspect in Timmins has been arrested for disturbing the peace for repeatedly using an "air cannon," or a device that makes extremely loud, air raid-like noises.

In a news release, Timmins police said the accused leases an airport hangar on General Aviation Road. The incidents began in November, with loud noises that sound like air raid sirens disturbing the area near the airport.

The suspect "persisted in making repeated and regular use of a device capable of generating a significant amount of disruptive noise on a number of occasions in November of last year and in May and June of this year," police said.

"This action was purposefully undertaken and caused disruption to the orderly function of property in the immediate area."

After being arrested and charged with mischief May 13, with a court date of June 28.

But police said the suspect kept using the air cannon to cause a disturbance, most recently June 25. A second arrest took place and a second round of mischief charges were laid.

A new court date of July 26 has been set to address the latest charges.