Price at the pumps likely to stay high through the long weekend

It’s been another record-breaking day for fuel prices across Canada.

Drivers’ wallets continue to be hit hard by the rising cost of gas, now well over the $2 per litre threshold.

Natural Resources Canada says the average price of regular gasoline, across the country, hit an all-time high at $2.06 per litre on Monday.

The average was a nine cent jump from the $1.97 per litre record set last week, and is up about 30 cents per litre since mid-April.

As of midnight Monday, the average price across the GTA was 208.9 cents per litre, according Dan McTeague with Canadians for Affordable Energy.

He says these sky-high prices aren't coming down any time soon.

That's not what many people looking to hit the road for the upcoming long weekend were hoping to hear.

"I did commit to 210 a litre by the May 24 weekend, and it looks like we're awfully close to that," McTeague told CTV News.

According to, the average gas price in Kitchener as of 4 p.m. on Tuesday was 207.7 cents per litre. In Guelph it was 208.4 cents per litre.