St. Mary's High School in Kitchener closes due to power outage

The largest high school in Kitchener was closed Tuesday due to a power outage, as the area continues to recover from Saturday's storm.

St. Mary's High School tweeted in the morning that the building would not be open to staff or students, but that they should still follow their regular schedule.

Students will switch to a remote learning day and are asked to check online for asynchronous work.

A representative from the Waterloo Catholic school board says they will keep the community posted as more information is learned about the power outage.

School officials stated the power issues are resulting from Saturday's storm.

Like St Mary's, many schools across Ontario are also closed Tuesday as a result of a storm that rolled across the province.

Eight public schools in Durham Region are not open following the long weekend, while all elementary and secondary schools in Ottawa are closed for the day.

On Tuesday night, St. Mary's officials stated that power had been restored and the school would be open on Wednesday.

The power at St. Mary’s High School has been restored and we will be back to our regularly scheduled classes tomorrow. Transportation has been notified and all student transportation will be running on the regular schedule.
We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning!

— Jerome The Eagle (@St_Marys_Kitch) May 25, 2022