Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Facing Third Sexual Abuse Lawsuit


Nick Carter is facing a third separate lawsuit for sexual assault. 

The youngest Backstreet Boys member was previously accused last December and this past April by different victims claiming Carter had sexually assaulted them when they were teenagers.

The latest lawsuit was filed Monday in a Las Vegas court. Under the name "A.R." the plaintiff alleges that Carter sexually assaulted her multiple times back in 2003, both on a yacht and a tour bus. At the time Carter would have been in his 23rd year, while the victim was reportedly 15 years old.

The complaint accuses Carter of “knowingly [providing] alcohol and drugs” and assaulting the victim “despite her repeated refusals and requests for him to stop.” She claims the abuse resulted in sexually-transmitted diseases and other lasting effects.

The plaintiff's lawyers added that “the impacts of Carter’s sexual abuse are ceaseless, causing plaintiff severe emotional distress, physical anguish, intimacy issues, and other complex trauma."

Carter's lawyer Dale Hayes Jr. says his client vehemently denies the claims, adding that the victim made the same complaints about him 20 years ago and the police rejected them. Hayes Jr. tells TMZ, "repeating the same false allegations in a new legal complaint doesn’t make them any more true."