Campbell Field Plan Features Outdoor Focus

Campbell Field Map 600 pix

The residents have spoken.

RDCK General Manager of Community Services Joe Chiricho said almost 60% of survey respondents have chosen the outdoor focus for Campbell Field.

“Possibly like a soccer field, a running track, skateboard park, pump track, splash park, really just an outdoor focus”, said Chiricho, who added the next step is to consult with students and staff at nearby Mount Sentinel High School.

“We really want to make sure it can fit and enhance the school experience of the students attending Mount Sentinel and just make sure the project meets some goals for them,” according to Chiricho.

The property near Playmour Junction could also include a field house, as well as park space and Chiricho stated the idea is to offer amenities that are different than in other nearby communities.

“It can provide some unique recreational opportunities that serve the local community really well, but also enhance what we don’t have in terms of recreational services in Nelson or Castlegar ,” said Chiricho.

The Community Services Manager said the RDCK hopes results from the consultation process are available in time to start working on a design and the necessary approvals and permits by this summer.