Castlegar City Council Hears Funding Request for Refugee Program


A delegation to Castlegar City Council this Tuesday, September 20th, will have to wait a while longer to hear back on their funding request.

The request to City Council from Castlegar Refugee Project representatives sought $5000 towards the total cost of bringing over a family that fled from Myanmar to Malaysia.

Julie Leffelaar explains that the total amount being sought by the end of this year is $40,000:

“We could do it a year later but it doesn’t roll over immediately, because the government gives out numbers to the sponsorship agreement holders every year. This year they didn’t get their numbers until July, so that would put them back again by half a year and we’ve been told three years is the likelihood of when that paperwork would be finished between Canada and the United Nations. Canada has got a huge backlog because of COVID…. It does take a long time to get applications through.”

“Forty-thousand is supposed to support the family for one full year because it’s not a blended visa program through the government. We need to guarantee that we can carry the family for a year, so obviously we’d have to find some pretty off-priced housing for them at forty-thousand….” adds Leffelaar

City Staff is expected to lay out some options for City Council's future consideration once the request is received in writing.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom will have more on this to follow.