City Hall and Affordable Workforce Housing Build Named Rossland Yards

city of rossland logo2022

Construction lingers on in Rossland but consultation is out of the way for naming the municipalities new City Hall building.

The 1920 3rd Street property will house City Hall and both municipal and community meeting spaces on the main floor, plus three stories and 37 affordable housing units for local workers. The community has chosen "Rossland Yards" as the name; paying tribute to the railway's historic impact in Rossland and to the former transportation core for the City.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Acting Mayor Councillor Andy Morel to get his take:

“At first…. It didn’t really grab me, but after reading the description and the reasoning behind the decision to call it that (Rossland Yards) I thought ‘you know what? It totally makes sense’. There’s a tremendous amount of history in that space; it goes way back to the origins of the community and much nearer current times…. I mean The Yards have been transformed into a great, practical public space. Not only for a new build of City Hall and adjusted income housing; it also supports the youth action centre and a very well used Roller Park….”

Councillor Morel says he's always believed in the project:

“To be honest it’s very trend setting and to hear people talk about it right across the country and wanting to get more information about it….  we’ve always recognized the value of putting a taxable real estate on a city building; certainly makes a lot of sense….”

The location has housed the Red Mountain/Great Northern Railway station, rail yard, and later the highways maintenance yard. The project follows a series of unfortunate circumstances, between the existing City Hall's roof collapsing, staff outgrowing their City Hall and the community’s need for affordable housing. Project completion is slated for 2023.