Creston Town Council Makes COVID-19 Vaccinations Mandatory for Staff


Town of Creston employees and council have until December 4th to get both shots of COVID-19 vaccine.

Mayor Ron Toyota called it a tough decision for council who opted for safety over personal choice.

“We’ve got to look after our community,” said the mayor.

“Yes it’s their right, there may be 5% who say they won’t (get vaccinated) for whatever reason, we’re just looking after our majority,” said Toyota who added the financial implications of infected workers who have to be isolated for two weeks is another reason.

“There is an extra cost for us to administer, to oversee etc. and it’s for protection of all of our staff."  

Unvaccinated staff have until Oct. 22 to get their first shots and Dec 4. to be fully vaccinated,

Toyota said any staff member who doesn’t meet those deadlines will be put on unpaid leave.

“They would be, more or less, sent home and given a 90-day period, and if they elect to do something different (get vaccinated), then they would come back to work,” he said.

Council has decided any staff member who doesn’t meet either deadline could be fired if they remain unvaccinated after the 90-day period expires.  

Town staff estimate about five of the 38 employees are not vaccinated in addition to about five members of the approximate 50 on-call fire fighters.

The staff report points out only about 65% of Creston Valley residents eligible for shots have been vaccinated for COVID-19.