Dangerous Drones Back In the Air Around Local Wildfires


The Southeast Fire Centre has reported that a drone hindered local firefighting efforts for a second time.

The sighting happened Wednesday in the Arrow Lake wildfire complex airspace.

Wildfire officials stressed drone use near any wildfire is illegal and anyone caught could receive up to $100,000 in fines.

The B-C Wildfire Service stated reports of drone activity or any illegal flights over wildfire airspace can be reported straight to the RCMP, saying consequences could be deadly if a drone were to collide with a firefighting aircraft.

Drones are restricted within five nautical miles around a wildfire at an altitude of 3-thousand feet above ground level.

Meanwhile, there are planned burns as early as Thursday at the Michaud and Octopus Creek wildfires to reduce the combustible dry fuel for both, while at Octopus Creek they are also meant to drive the fire upslope and away from Fauquier, where some of the 168 residences remain evacuated.

A public information session for Boswell and area residents goes Fri. for details on the Akolki Creek wildfire.

The session will be at the Boswell Community Hall at 11a.m. and representatives from the wildfire service and RCMP will be there to answer questions.   Residents in Boswell, Destinay Bay and Sanca on the east shore of the south arm of Kootenay Lake remain in Evacuation Alert.

Just across the border in Northeast Washington State, the Deep Lake wildfire has grown to twenty acres with evacuations on the entire west side of that area southeast of Northport.

Meanwhile, back in the Nelson area Tuesday, a passer-by batted a large north shore grass fire along Highway 3-A near Annabel Road with his sandal, until local fire fighters arrived to put it out.