Father Wants Not Guilty Verdict In His Daughter's Death Appealed

steve rosa

Steve Rosa wants justice for his seven-year-old daughter.

Aaliyah drowned in the bathtub at her mother's Langley apartment three years ago and Steve, who grew up in Trail, told CTV News in Vancouver he still can't believe Kerryann Lewis was found not guilty of first degree murder.

“A lot of confusion and anger and shock when she (the judge) said not guilty, I just couldn’t understand.” said Rosa.

The judge ruled that Lewis drugged the little girl, but stated there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove she intended to kill the child.

Rosa wants prosecutors to appeal the verdict.

“I don’t want it to go away quietly.”  Rosa told reporter Maria Weisgarber.

“There needs to be justice for Aaliyah,” said Rosa who feels overturning the verdict would give his daughter a voice in the matter.

“It’s everything to me, she’s not here any more, she can’t speak for herself, it’s just not fair,” said the former Trail resident.

An online petition posted by a family friend asking for an appeal has received thousands of signatures.