Forestry Talks Follow Castlegar Councillors' Return from AKBLG


An evolving forestry industry was one discussion Castlegar City Councillors brought back from the recent Annual Kootenay Boundary Local Governments convention.

One presentation asking "are we ready to modernize the Forestry Industry?" seemed to have hit close to home when Councillors Dan Rye and Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff shared their thoughts May 2nd.

“We have a big you know economic develop section for forestry and government thinks there’s going to be 4500 people without jobs. The forest industry itself is saying 18,000 people plus all the secondary jobs and that. So that’s something that we really have to pay attention to because it really could impact our community.” says Councillor Heaton-Sherstobitoff

“I don’t think we realize just how much it may affect us in our area, and it was interesting listening to other Mayors and other Councillors from areas around us that I would consider to be sort of on the green side, basically saying ‘wow this is going to hurt us’….” shares Councillor Dan Rye

“I’d never really thought about it but once you get outside of Hope, Vancouver Island and the mainland; we don’t have a lot of clout around that table. We have two cabinet ministers for the whole rest of the province and all the other rest of the cabinet ministers come from the Lower Mainland and The Island.” adds Rye

This as the Province plans to modernize the forestry sector in accordance with the Old Growth Strategic Review, Forest and Range Practices Act Improvement Initiatives, and more. Mayor Kirk Duff was also in attendance for the convention. Councillor Heaton-Sherstobitoff adds she was also impressed by the Nelson Committee on Homelessness and their tight-knit relationship between interagency partners. Another note is proposed changes to how UBCM resolutions are handled.