Greenwood Ghosts being Discovered by Paranormal Team

greenwood city hall

A member of the True North Paranormal team touring several areas around the city of Greenwood said they had several interesting encounters early in their probe.

Jon Kozuska indicated there was a lot of activity on the stairs between the City Hall Council Chambers and Courthouse.

He said one really became apparent on their rem-pod, an electro magnetic field detector with a long antenna.

“You physically have to make contact with this big antenna sticking up out of the end (of the base)”, said Kozuska who added the encounter came soon after.

“We started asking, you know, if you’re a girl, can you make that (the unit) light up and sure enough it started lighting up, so we were communicating with a girl,” said Kozuska who added they aren’t trying to convince people the building is haunted.

“My job is to get the evidence I get, present the evidence I get and let you guys make up your own minds.”

The True North team member who has also explored Sandon pointed out every site is different with their own characteristics, stating Greenwood’s history as an old wild-west town would deliver its own unique results.

The investigator joined by his wife Karina, spent much of their first day in the City Hall building and plan to tour the old powerhouse, the Phoenix graveyard and old morgue at the McArthur Centre.

Their Greenwood findings will be aired in 2022 on Amazon Prime in the Unites States and U.K. and Paraflix.

Kozuska promises the show will be interesting.

“I can tell you to watch for the interaction with the little girl, I can tell you to watch for the prisoners, you know, we definitely had some cool stuff happening there.”