Kootenay-Columbia MP Reflects on New Conservative Leadership


The Member of Parliament for Kootenay Columbia says the approval rating for new Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is a sign of stability in the party.

Rob Morrison tells the Bounce Radio Newsroom that he was surprised to see Poilievre garner 68% of votes across Canada:

“….Such a huge win with such a huge gap. That 68% plus winning 330 of the 338 ridings across Canada was another huge surprise, but a real positive note is that in Kootenay-Columbia, in our riding, he had 82%....”

Bounce Radio asked the former Shadow Minister for National Security whether he hopes to return to the Shadow Cabinet:

“I don’t know if there will be any changes, those changes haven’t happened yet. Pierre has picked his leadership team and some awesome people there they’re all very talented in the roles that they’re going to be supporting so we’ll just see what happens with the shadow cabinet and who’s selected for what positions.”

The National Security and Intelligence Committee member wants to see businesses thrive:

“Just not supporting big government, like I’m just not a person that thinks government can do a good job when it comes to businesses….. It’s not their money. So we’ve got to let businesses run business and let government look at polices to help them and support them and remove some of the red tape.”

Morrison adds he looks forward to accelerating economic recovery and hopes to remove red tape around leading in oil and energy sectors and supporting other countries in those avenues.