More Evacuations and Evacuation Alerts Near Kootenay Wildfires


The Regional District of Central Kootenay has evacuated residents from another raging wildfire.

They live on the south side of Taite Creek including the Taite Creek Recreation site at 1,210, 1,320, 1,500, 1,530 and 1,710 Applegrove Rd.  Officials said the wildfire about 11 km south of Fauquier was close to 1,175 hectares when the Evacuation Order was issued on Saturday.  Affected residents were urged to register on line and stay with family or friends.

Meanwhile people who live in another 28 properties from Johnson Creek north to Highway 6 have been put on Evacuation Alert because of the Michaud Creek wildfire.

It’s now burning about 2,500 hectares of forest about 20 km south of Edgewood with residents of 358 properties now ready to leave on short notice.  They live between Johnson Creek and Highway 6 including Edgewood and Needles. 

Residents along the west shore of Lower Arrow Lake from Bowman Creek to Johnson Creek have already been evacuated because of the Michaud Creek blaze.

The 356 hectare Akokli Creek wildfire about six kilometres east of Boswell has residents in Boswell, Destiny Bay, and Sanka on the east shore of the south arm of Kootenay Lake on Evacuation Alert.

Residents from Next Creek to Midge Creek on the west shore of the south arm of Kootenay Lake remain on Evacuation Alert because of the 611 hectare Cultus Creek wildfire.