Nelson Council Receives Presentation on Shoreline Housing Proposal

Nelson City-Hall

Nelson City Council had a plethora of questions last week, July 26th, when a new housing proposal was presented for Lakeside Drive.

A development permit application is under review for the project proposing 120-total units. Phase-One includes 24 townhouses, four garden home units and 92 parking spaces. Roughly 80 additional units are proposed in Phase-Two's split-Condominium.

Developer Mike Culos answered all that he could for City Council:

“Every home has a double car garage and every home has two cars in their driveway…. Again it’s the lower densification on the site, (it) pulls the buildings further apart; we have view corridors all the way down the site that are about 60 feet in width now….”

“…. In our development we have created bikes in each unit, we’ve created electric car charging stations in every unit and so we’re advanced in all that kind of technology that we can bring and just because we supply parking for four cars it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use those.” adds Culos

Energy modelling has yet to be completed by the developer spoke to gas heating, electric hot water, LED lighting and more. Culos also says a proposed 60-slip Marina will reserve half the spots for non-motorized boats:

“So these modern marinas now they would have…. You can actually see in Kelowna right at the foot of Bernard there’s actually a perfect example of it: They’re all metered parking. So if you want you just tie up and you can just use the hang-tag, there’s no meters or nothing…. You can you pay like you do in your car and away you go.”

“Is that meter revenue ours or yours?” asks Mayor John Dooley

Culos continued his presentation:

“When we come back with our condominium development permit we will also then have the opportunity to show what that will look like as well…. It would take probably almost two years to get all the provincial approvals and then…. It would probably be there within three years we think; we think this whole project would be a four year project.”

The plan is to build to BC Step Code 3 and City staff will reportedly be working alongside the developer to continue Nelson’s focus on lessening embodied carbon.