Nelson Police Take Down Drug Operation

nelson city police

A suspected drug overdose in Nelson has led to the takedown of a mid-level drug operation.

Police say several unanswered questions stemming from the overdose early in the morning on Wed May 24 led to a pair of searches, one of which uncovered a significant amount of drugs, according to police.

"We are confident that this was a mid-level drug operation where drugs were being received, prepared and packaged for further distribution in the Nelson area and perhaps beyond," said Chief Constable Donovan Fisher. 

"This has resulted in a significant seizure and will have an immediate impact on the local drug trafficking scene," he added.

The substances seized will be sent to Health Canada labs for analysis.

The other search was related to a separate criminal investigation that police aren’t commenting on.

"As this matter is still under investigation, no further comment can be provided at this time as to the nature of the investigation."

Police say they are looking for several persons of interest in both cases.