Castlegar Airport Records 84% Reliability in August


August's West Kootenay Regional Airport report was recently presented to Castlegar City Council.

Here's Airport Manager Maciej Habrych:

“Our 100% reliability streak came to an end last month. It was a good run but we did suffer five cancellations due to smoke during that really smoky period which resulted in about an 84% reliability rate for that month…. The planes were, leaving and coming the numbers were pretty much identical at 85% full, which is good. It’s nice to see the travel coming and going, even though it’s only once a day that bodes well.”

Habrych says a busy fire season saw assets spilling over from the airport apron:

“We did some mitigating factors there to make sure the operations ran smoothly, but also providing the capacity that the fire centre needed…. It did give us some good lessons learned and potentially some good opportunities for grant funding down the line supporting fire operations locally.…”

Castlegar Council also heard that winter preparations have begun at the facility.