Castlegar City Council Mulls RCMP Donation Spending Options


Castlegar City Council is leaning towards gifting an anonymous $2000 donation to local organizations hosting Cooling Centres in times of extreme heat.

This as the donation was received by Castlegar RCMP back in December, but police are required to hand it over to the City or Revenue Canada. Staff identified strategic goals for spending on Council's May 16th report and listed options like donating to non-profits, adding to grant pools and putting the money in reserves.

“I’ve never heard of anything happening like this before where money just shows up at the door…. I think really the good tie-in is you know Cooling Centres; that’s something will directly probably affect the community and you know the police force anyways….” says Councillor Bergen Price

“In the past when I was working, we would often get people spending hours in the store just to be air conditioned…. I see Councillor Rye smiling; he’s probably experienced something very similar….” adds Councillor Brian Bogle

“If I was in that person’s shoes and I was listening to this wondering where I would have wanted that money to go, I agree I think the abyss of council resolution events is not where I would have wanted it put. My only thought about the Phoenix thing is they’re so new; are they going to get uptake?”

Council agreed on funding organizations that run summer Cooling Centres, although adoption isn't until June. If the funds are not however utilized by fall 2022, they can be brought back for reconsideration.