Castlegar City Council Talks Mail-Ballot Voting


Castlegar City Council advanced a new Election and Voting bylaw last week with adoption set for May 16th.

The Bylaw commits to a Special Early Voting Opportunity at Castlewood Village and more, but the main change sees the removal of mail-in ballot restrictions so that any eligible resident can mail their votes in.

“It was really strict as per the local government act who could vote by mail. Then during COVID they had the ministerial orders that allowed anybody to, and now they have since changed the local government act to say that if councils permit by bylaw, mail ballot voting, then yeah it’s open up to anybody…. So long as they’re eligible….” explains Manager of Corporate Services Nicole Brown

“Two-hundred and 36 applications were received and two-hundred and 17 ballots were returned which calculated out to be about nine percent of voters in the by-election last year.” she adds

“I’m for Castlewood too. I actually worked a federal election and for some reason they were missed of that and I tell you they were upset. So we better include Castlewood for any voting that we do now or in the future.” says Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff

The Bounce Radio Newsroom will have more to follow.