Castlegar Council Authorizes Letters of Support for Housing Projects


Castlegar City Council has authorized letters of support for a pair of pending housing projects.

A grant application to BC Housing's Community Housing Fund would support the Primary Care and Housing initiative at 925 Columbia Avenue, while the Art Gallery and Housing project goes through the Indigenous Housing Fund with a slightly later intake period.

Manager of Planning, Development and Sustainability Meeri Durand explains:

“The RFP (request for proposals) will be announced at the end November, so what I anticipate is waiting for the Community Housing Fund intake to close on November 17th and then the other will be announced in short duration following that closure.”

Durand says it's unlikely that BCH would fund two projects in the same intake and same community:

“In terms of competitive advantage we’re taking the strongest and most ready proposal forward to the Community Housing Fund and then we will be delaying until the Indigenous Housing Fund intake is ready for the other project.”

Not only do the separate grant avenues increase chances for success; the later intake date allows for more preliminary design work.

Bounce News recently heard from Mayor Maria McFaddin on the Gallery-Housing project:

“We bought the building downtown with the intent of putting the Art Gallery on the main floor and housing above it a couple of years ago. These are projects that I think you’re going to see right across the country.”

Successful Community Housing Fund applications are expected to be announced in the spring.

Another application goes through the Housing Accelerator Fund for demolition and abatement.