Castlegar Council Talks Freshening-up Council Events


Ongoing efforts to reinvigorate Castlegar City Council-hosted events were brought to light on Monday, May 16th, when Committee Members sought feedback on proposed plans.

Committee Members, Councillors Maria McFaddin and Dan Rye, expanded on proposals for monthly events, possible activities and Council's exact level of involvement. A proposed Council Small Events Sponsorship Program aims to promote community groups hosting events, with festivities proposed for each month. So far Council is leaning towards supporting involvement in both Winterfest and a holiday decoration contest, as well as reaching out to seek partners for a Canada Day celebration.

Councillor Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff says activities need to be flexible to ensure the events will go above and beyond:

“…. Which doesn’t really happen very much, because we never get the freezing temperatures for a long period of time to plan for something like that. But definitely because we’re already in May, we need something for Canada Day. I don’t think any organization is going to want to come on board now….”

“Canada Day I still wrestle with, because the best bang for our buck, I get that it’s Canada Day and I want to celebrate to but it has to compete with what’s happening around us and it has to be worth our time and our money….  I just don’t think what has been done…. The input wasn’t worth the output….” adds Councillor Maria McFaddin.

Mayor Kirk Duff says the Heritage Society's Pancake Breakfast is perfect for this Canada Day:

“…. That event council always used to help do that one, and that one was guaranteed to have lots of people at it; even if it rained it had lots of people there. I’m of the thought that the one that’s been going on at Millennium has run it’s course and it was already hard to get people to go there and I think after COVID it’ll be even harder….”

Adoption is set for June and City staff is expected to return with an extended report that addresses City Council’s feedback.