Castlegar Launches OCP Renewal Process


Say Your Way to 2033: The City of Castlegar is kicking off efforts to renew their Official Community Plan.

OCP's guide how a community evolves over ten years but the City of Castlegar typically only hears from 5% of residents when in engaging in community planning.

Manager of Planning, Development and Sustainability Meeri Durand explains:

“Because a community plan is a foundational document in terms of determining what the future growth will look like within the community, it is really important that residents and business owners get involved so we make sure that plan accurately reflects what people want to see.”

Durand says Castlegarians can expect physical workbooks in the mail starting next week:

“That work book will ask people for feedback on a number of things such as housing, economic development and climate action within the community. In addition we are planning a more intensive in-person engagement planning week in mid-May.”

You can also find an online workbook to provide your feedback and join the conversation on the City’s Facebook page.

The City is required to regularly review the Official Community Plan and Durand explains that plenty has changed locally, provincially and federally since 2011.

It isn’t just about the Official Community Plan either:

“This project is actually being run concurrently, so although we’re focusing primarily on the community plan the City does intend on completely rewriting the City’s zoning bylaw in alignment with that community plan, as well as development of design guidelines for the downtown.” she adds

Residents can expect to be asked focused questions about where they live, work, connect and more to help the City better meet community priorities.