City of Grand Forks Seeks Feedback for Draft Signage Bylaw


Grand Forks City Council has green-lit public consultation efforts ahead of tackling a new draft signage bylaw.

The City currently lacks legislation to regulate signs in the community and staff has reviewed policy in other community to keep up with best practices.

Corporate Officer Daniel Drexler says community feedback will presented to City Council ahead of first three readings:

“We really are hoping to get the feedback and really try to go the extra mile to hear from the community, the business community, about how this could either positively or negatively impact them.”

City Councillors had their own thoughts on the matter.

Councillor David Mark says sandwich boards have become increasingly common:

“It just ends up looking like a perpetual yard sale. I’d like to see if there’s any appetite with the business community for going with something maybe a little more permeant that could be tidier.”

Councillor Zak Eburne-Stoodley hopes the Chamber of Commerce will help with input for businesses.

The Boundary Country Regional Chamber of Commerce is already leading the City’s highly anticipated wayfinding sign project.

Bounce News will have more on that story in the days to follow.