Evacuation Alert Lifted in RDCK, Reactivated in RDKB

evac alert

The RDCK has lifted its Evacuation Alert for 164 properties in Six Mile around Duhamel Creek, but the RDCK asks residents to stay vigilant.

Concerns over the state of the orphan dike at Duhamel Creek, as well as the potential for surprise storms and increased snowmelt means the alert could be reactivated.

That's what has happened in rural Grand Forks for residents of ten properties on Beatrice and Division Streets.  Their alert was lifted by the RDKB a week ago.

In Trail, the boat launch at Gyro Park is closed because of high water and in Creston, Saturday's Kootenay-Lake Gran Fondo cycling event has been postponed until October because of the potential for floods and road damage along the route.

The City of Kelowna has declared a state of emergency after isolated flooding that threatens property along Mission Creek, Scotty Creek and Mill Creek.