First Responders Work Together to Safely Locate Woman


First responders joined forces Monday afternoon to locate a woman who was believed to have fallen down a steep embankment along Trail's Sandpit Road.

Trail RCMP, Kootenay Boundary Regional Fire Rescue and BC Ambulance Service were dispatched at roughly 4:30PM to the 1100-block of Sandpit Road to check on her well-being.

This after a homeowner and his guest had discovered the 42-year-old Slocan woman acting strangely while standing on their front porch, but she walked away and down the nearby embankment when challenged.

Ground crews were notified when an off-duty firefighter and his son fishing on the Columbia River spotted the woman on the riverbank.

The woman fled up the steep sandy bank upon spotting the first responder’s boat but immediately cooperated and returned to the boat once an RCMP Officer caught up with her.

She was transported to a nearby dock and then to the hospital for a medical assessment.