GF Aquatic Centre Seeking Seniors to Lifeguard

Lifeguard Erika Burroughs with 75 yr old senior swimmer Brian Noble, a regular at Grand Forks Aquatic Centre

(Image Provided by RDKB: Erika Burroughs with 75 year-old senior swimmer Brian Noble, a regular at Grand Forks Aquatic Centre)

The Grand Forks Aquatic Centre is seeking new lifeguards and hopes that senior citizens will answer the call.

Aquatic Coordinator Megan Tiller explains:

“So we’re calling all local seniors to come join our lifeguard team. We have a shortage of national lifeguards in our community and we’re hoping to inspire local seniors and students to come help our community stay safe and staff our pool for the year.”

“We’re unable to do special rentals and have a hard time staffing our pool some days. We also saw that the Canada Games Aquatic Centre in Saint Johns did this and it really inspired us to reach out to our local seniors.”

Tiller believes there's a misconception that lifeguards have to be young and fit:

“Lifeguarding is really rewarding regardless if what age. It is definitely something where you can stay fit, improve your social life and it is a really rewarding job.”

The team hopes to see a range of ages and life experience at poolside that are as diverse as the facility's patrons. Those interested should contact the Grand Forks Aquatic Centre.