GF RCMP Presents Annual Performance Plan to Council


Grand Forks City Council gave the local RCMP Detachment’s 2022-2023 Annual Performance Plan the green light last week, May 9th.

While issues like vulnerable populations, opioid overdoses and youth are all concerns for police, the plan identifies three specific focuses for law enforcement to stay on top of through the year: Public Engagement, Community Visibility and Traffic.

“I’ve spoken with some of the businesses around town and how much they appreciate you being out and around…. the back alleys and what not. Just seeing what’s going on and it’s much appreciated in the community and as I think personally: It’s good to see your local law enforcement out; you know they’re there.” says Councillor Cathy Korolek

Sergeant Darryl Peppler says have a bigger team has been a huge help:

“That’s a big part of it…. Last Winter I was down to four of eight constables and now I’m back- I mean two of them are still on their recruit field- training. But they’re progressing well and we’re up to seven of eight and I hope to get my eighth back or replaced soon.”

Sergeant Peppler tells council that just because drugs in the community didn't make the list, it doesn’t mean they aren’t always a top priority:

“One-hundred percent we know who is involved in the drug trade here, at all the levels. As far as when the drugs come in they’re gone through so many people, it’s called a stepped-process; they’re stepped on like other stuff is added to it. So like for example marijuana; they add fentanyl to it now…. We know who they are and it’s just a matter of getting the right intelligence at the right time….”

The detachment hopes to use their increased numbers for a more active post-pandemic approach on community frontlines and areas of concern. Monthly traffic enforcement requirements are being set for each member to meet, including issuing warnings and violation tickets.