Governance Plus Security Wraps 2021 Operations for GF City Council


A presentation to Grand Forks City Council earlier this month, May 9th, spoke to 2021 services from Governance Plus Security.

The City contracted Governance Plus on a 20 hour per week basis, which cleaned up 18 derelict camps in areas like along the Granby River and at Moto. At Christmas time the agency gave out gift cards, winter clothing and ensured the local vulnerable population had shelter.

Bud Alcock tells Councillor Everett Baker that while he's contracted 20 hours per week; the City is probably getting closer to 50.

“As someone who lives downtown works down town your vehicle is very evident I do so your vehicle downtown lots of time and that does bring some reassurance that we do have some control going on down there and so I appreciate that Bud thank-you.” says Councillor Baker

“…. Just driving through and seeing that ‘oh there is a security presence here so maybe I shouldn’t do anything bad’, you know I think that’s kind of reassuring so thank-you.” says Councillor Cathy Korolek

Alcock explains he isn’t contracted by the RDKB and so camps that are found outside city limits are generally referred to Regional Directors:

“We’ve done the occasional one outside the city but mostly as a favor to the neighbour, this sort of thing, build a good will. Make sure that everybody is understanding exactly how we do things. We don’t move people along that are living in a camp; we ask them to move along but we won’t take out their camp unless it’s unoccupied.”

Governance Plus assisted Fire Services on eight occasions with traffic control and filed 43 police reports while helping recover stolen property and helping locate both missing and wanted individuals. The Report says contractors know 95% of Grand Forks' homeless and drug addicted and enjoy a good rapport with the majority; taking up the majority if their work. The North Ruckle neighbourhood is still a problematic area for local theft and vandalism.