Grand Forks Council Approves Campground Bylaw, Debates New Position


Grand Forks City Council reluctantly gave their updated Campground Regulation Bylaw final reading this week, November 6th.

The sticking point of debate is a new winter caretaker position to keep eyes on the facility, residing at the campground in a trailer with limited services.

Councillor Rod Zielinksi says the living situation is just one of his many concerns:

“I don’t believe we need a winter watch person. I am disappointed that Council would approve a position like that without knowing hours of work, without having a job description, without having a wage and without advertising quite frankly….”

Councillor Deborah Lafleur responds:

“This is something that the individual that is there now wrote us a letter about. It is something that she requested that we allow her to continue over the winter. Do I think it’s optimal living conditions? No, but it is not my choice to make if that is what she is willing for herself.”

Chief Administrative Officer Duncan Redfearn chimes in:

“We have a number of people who make the same request. You just approved one last meeting on Third Street, you approved one over by the hospital and you approved one in South Ruckle to live in their RV’s. So this is a contract, this is what the contractor has asked for. We’re seeing an opportunity to extend some watchmen and some security in that area and this is not uncommon throughout the community.”

A letter to council from the caretaker explains they're happy with limited services; they at least have electrical and a membership at the recreation centre.

The attendant has worked there for nine years through the summer season but the winter months reportedly sees break-in attempts, fires and other hazards.