Grand Forks Council Mulls Zoning Amendments for Sculpture, Cat Shelter


Last week, July 11th, saw Grand Forks City Council pass first and second readings to a zoning amendment permitting an art project.

An Earth Lodge and Sculpture at the confluence of the Kettle and Granby Rivers has been in talks for years but ongoing flood mitigation work adds the extra step to the installation process.

Corporate Officer Daniel Drexler explains:

 “It would come to August 15th to hear from the public about this. We saw a little bit of a moment of opportunity here regarding some of the dike works. The dike goes straight through a lot of these properties and so we ultimately are rezoning those properties to community use at the same time, because ultimately the dike trail system would be on there….”

There are 14 total land parcels being impacted; seven related to the art proposal and seven aligned for anticipated dike infrastructure work. The sculpture will depict a Shining Raven Woman.

City Council also passed first two readings of a zoning amendment that permits a cat shelter to operate at 7114 2nd Street. The central location isn't expected to conflict with downtown business and addresses issues with residential development citing nearby flood mitigation work.

Councillor Cathy Korolek says the community appears to be coming around to the proposed location:

“I’ve heard a lot of controversy over the location like taking a house out of circulation and all I’ve explained is the fact that it will be a public parking area with access to the dike system and so ‘do you think people will want to live there?’….”

Public Hearings on both matters are expected for August 15th.