Grand Forks RCMP Investigates Arson, Recovers Motorhome


Grand Forks RCMP's weekly crime wrap up includes an early morning arson call on Sunday, April 23rd.

The suspicious fire at Donaldson Drive and 76th Avenue was reportedly out by the time that police arrived, but the exterior wall of a trailer caught fire and a nearby porta-potty was completely destroyed.

Sergeant Darryl Peppler tells the Bounce Radio Newsroom that every fire is a danger, but the presence of gasoline in this case added an extra element of concern:

“Even though it may start off small it can quickly spread to other structures and now when you introduce fire at a gas card-lock there’s just that more inherent risk of what could happen, what else could catch on fire or explode.”

"This was a senseless and reckless act where the potential for someone to get hurt is present and where extensive property damage could have been sustained…." adds The Sergeant "Thankfully neither happened in this case.”

Bounce News asked Sergeant Peppler about any connections to the five suspiciously caused brush fires in Grand Forks that occurred between March 23rd and 24th:

“At this point we don’t have any link to this fire and the previous fires, however this fire is still under investigation.”

That’s not all in this week’s Grand Forks crime report, as police also helped recover a stolen vehicle.

Last Friday, April 21st, police caught word of a motorhome stolen from a Central Avenue business, but the vehicle was found within a few hours unharmed up Granby Road.

Peppler says while it isn't common to recover items in such a short period of time, it does happen:

“In this case the people who stole it quickly ditched it and an alert person saw it and reported it. But with the use of social media now word gets out quicker than it ever did about items like this and yeah, we are seeing a quick turn around on reports….”

The Grand Forks RCMP Sergeant adds that this case is a reminder that crimes are always worthy of reporting to police, especially when you can use social media to your advantage.