Habitat Housing Development Talks Return to Castlegar Council Chambers


Castlegar City Council approved a Zoning Amendment last month permitting a six-unit multi-family development at 560-8th Street, and July 19th saw further progress on the project.

Council passed a Development Permit for the form and character of the Habitat For Humanity Project, confident that concerns raised at an earlier Public Hearing are being appropriately addressed.

Councillor Cherryl MacLeod expressed full support, suggesting that denying six people access to such an amazing place to live would be an entirely different situation if community concerns such as parking and snow removal were going unaddressed.

Councillor Brian Bogle echoes Councillor MacLeod’s support adding that he believes the project is important and needs to get moving as quickly as possible.

Staff's report covers landscaping considerations and finishings, with a timber and treated wood accent.

Although the item was passed by Council, adoption isn’t until August 16th for the development consisting of one duplex and one fourplex.