Happipad Representative Speaks to Selkirk Partnership, Housing and more


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Selkirk College has partnered with Happipad; a digital platform facilitating compatibility-based rental arrangements between hosts and renters.

The Bounce Radio Newsroom covered a recent presentation on Happipad to Castlegar City Council, but also caught up with Marketing Intern Christian Bertsch to learn more:

 “In the Kootenays 55% of homes have empty bedrooms, while the national average is that one-third of homes have empty bedrooms. So here at Happipad we would like to use these spaces to provide income to homeowners and provide accommodation for vetted and compatible guests.”

“We have over 100 students in Nelson and Castlegar that need to find accommodation for the fall semester, so we have quite a few students right off the bat. Currently we have about 35 students signed up and about ten hosts in the Kootenays.” says Bertsch

“There was a 50-dollar matching fee but that got waived for the foreseeable future as we’re going through a rebrand. But there is a recurring 5% admin fee….And how this works is, say for example if you want $500 for a room, you would have the listing at $525 and then Happipad collects $25, you would collect $500, then the guest pays $525 all-inclusive….” he adds

Happipad covers background checks, revenue share options, cost plans, monthly check-ins and much more.