Interior Health Issues Safety Reminder for Latest Heat Wave


Environment Canada says a heat wave less aggressive than the previous historic heat wave is affecting parts of BC’s interior, and Interior Health is taking the temperature spike as a chance to remind the public about heat-related illness.

The groups most at-risk to heat related illness are infants and youth, the elderly, people with heart or breathing problems, people working or exercising outside, and people who are under-housed.

Interior Health encourages people save any outside-work for cooler times of the day, drink plenty of cool and non-alcoholic fluids, avoid leaving children alone in cars and try sticking to the shade.

Symptoms to watch out for include pale, cool and most skin, rash, swelling and light-headedness.

More severe symptoms that require medical attention include high fever, hallucinations, seizures and unconsciousness.

The BC SPCA also reminds the public that pets shouldn’t be left in hot cars either, and when noticing a pet in distress in a hot car you should call police as well as the BC SPCA hotline.

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Environment Canada says daytime highs ranging between 35 to 38 degrees Celsius are forecasted combined with overnight lows near 18 degrees Celsius until Wednesday, July 14th.