Kaslo Mayor Speaks to Kemball Memorial Centre Upgrades


Recent Rural Development funding aims to rejuvenate Kaslo's Kembell Memorial Centre, purchased back in 2008.

The former Provincial building and courthouse is being transformed into a modern house for high-tech innovation and business start-ups thanks to the nearly one-million dollars. The Bounce Radio Newsroom caught up with Mayor Suzan Hewat earlier this week:

“We really didn’t have any vision for it at that time (2008) other than losing it as a public building because anything could have happened to it. The only part of it that was protected for heritage value was the exterior.”

“It’s got a lot of it’s, probably, original components to it so we would like to update it. Some of them we definitely want to keep. Some of the heritage components such as the railings and that kind of thing, but there are other components really do need to see an upgrade. You know it needs to be painted and we need to have drywall put in…. electrical and lighting upgrades....”

Other signs the building is showing its age include unreliable heat, draft windows, structural concerns and a lack of accessibility. Mayor Hewat says upgrades will benefit the Kootenay Lake Innovation Centre who currently operate inside the Kemball:

“Doing this work will invest in Kaslo’s future because innovation is definitely a part of the new economy. It’s not the only part but it is a developing piece of our economy so this can only benefit them (KIT) and the community at large.”

BC’s Rural Development grant is offered the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program. The Bounce Radio Newsroom will soon have more on newly announced housing in Kaslo to follow.